Great Year-End Specials on Last Round Hangover Support


Last Round® is an all natural supplement that you drink after you drink.

To get you ready for holiday parties and New Year’s Eve, we’re offering deep discounts on all purchases of six-packs of Last Round. Buy 2, get 1 free / buy 3, get 2 free / buy 4, get 4 free!

Shake well and drink the entire contents of the 2.4oz bottle. Don’t let an awesome night turn into an awful morning. For additional benefits, drink another bottle the next morning.

Last Round® – The Best Way To End A Night Of Drinking.

Please drink responsibly.

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Free Radicals and Your Health

Almost any activity that you perform results in free radical formation. There are many external agents that can cause free radicals to form in our bodies.

Let’s start out by defining what a free radical is. If you have taken a chemistry class, you may already understand this. A free radical is an atom or compound that is missing an electron in its outer shell that is normally there.

There are normal ways that an atom can fulfill its need to complete its outer shell. For instance, Sodium (Na) has one electron in its outer shell, but it wants two. Chlorine (Cl) has seven electrons in its outer shell, but it wants eight.  So, when Cl comes in contact with Na, they sort of mate to form NaCl, which is ordinary table salt.

Now let’s go inside of your body. There probably never was a time when free radicals were not forming in your body. Any process within your body can produce free radicals. However, by eating lots of fruits and vegetables, free radicals can be neutralized. That’s all fine and good, but enter pollutants from the air we breathe, the chemicals we ingest when we eat processed food, over-exposure to the sun, and other activities such as hard physical labor or hard contact sports, and we have the potential for severe health problems. (I often wonder about the constant pounding and abuse withstood by a football player’s body having something to do with health problems sometimes encountered later in life.) Continue reading

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Save 20% On Our New Website

Our new and improved website gives us the opportunity to better connect with you via our new blog and our social media outlets.

We hope you like it!

Because we are changing shopping carts, your password will have to be reset. That’s the bad news. The good news is, we’re so excited about the site, we’re offering a 20% of all of our products from now through October 17th. Just use code NEW15.

Click here to visit the store.

Thanks for your support!

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HerbaGreen Tea: What the Original Green Tea Concentrate Can Do For You

HerbaSway founder Dr. Franklin St. John discusses the health benefits of Herbasway’s special formula for HerbaGreen Tea.


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What is Scute and why is it the key ingredient in FeVera?

We’re often asked what makes FeVera so effective for viruses, bacterial infections, and even fungal infections. It’s rare to be able to get help in all three of these areas with one formula. But the key to FeVera being so effective in knocking out whatever you may be experiencing is the wonder herb Scute, or as it is also known as: Skullcap.


As Subhuti Dharmananda, Ph.D., Director, Institute for Traditional Medicine in Portland, Oregon states: “While scute has a potent medicinal value, especially for inhibiting infections and reducing inflammation, both the herb and its isolated active components are virtually free from side-effects.”

Continue reading

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